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Avengers x Reader Chapter Seven: The New Fireball
The Avengers were starting to question if this was the right place or not. However, their theories were soon objected when they saw a blue light coming from around the corner. They silently gestured to each other, double-checking that everyone was seeing this and got into a fighting stance.
When they snuck around the corner a blue firewall awaited them. They at first were unsure of how to proceed. That is until a woman also made of blue flame parted the wall and greeted the heroes by chucking a large ball of fire at them. The team dodged it by dashing back around the corner. Steve said that they needed a plan of attack and as usual Tony had a plan... Attack.
He sprinted once more towards the unknown creature, lasers aimed at where the heart should be. However, the rays appeared to have no affect at all. When Tony stopped his barrage of blasts to give his suit time to recharge he was thrown back into Steve by a fire cannon that was melting his chest plate. He put the fire out before it
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 136 40
Avengers X Reader Chapter Six: The New Knowledge
You wake up to a blinding light. Blinking a few times, you manage to adjust your eyes to the brightness, taking in your non-existent surroundings.
All around you... White.
There doesn't even seem to be an end, no walls, no door... no ceiling. Just you and a cotton blanket... which also happens to be white.
You try to remember what happened before you blacked out but only managed to think up a huge headache. What happened? Where am I? What is this place? These and other stereotypical questions bombarded your thoughts as you tried to stay calm and think of at least one solution.
When no answers came to you, you sat back down and decided to wait and see what would happen next. Apparently, you didn't have to very long to wait. Almost as soon as you sat down, you heard a loud thump from your left. A person in all black started to walk towards you with a rather large gun in their hands. Images of shattered glass and people fighting filled your mind as the person continued to ap
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 116 12
Avengers X Reader Chapter Five: The Scientist
Avengers X Reader Chapter Five: The Scientist
After following the detailed instructions of JARVIS with only two wrong turns, you found yourself in front of a set of clear glass doors. Peeking through the doors it seemed that all of the walls were made completely out of glass but there were drawable shades in case the people working inside wanted some privacy.
Dr. Banner currently had his back to the door. You decided that you should just get it over with and knocked. At the sound, he turned around noticing you and greeted you with a small smile. “Hello ________.”
“Hello Dr. Banner.”
“Please, just call me Bruce.”
“Alright... Bruce”
As he was greeting you he climbed up on to one of the more empty lab tables and removed one of the metal tiles that made up the ceiling. “Umm, Bruce... What are you doing?”
He was fidgeting around with some multi-colored wires when he answered you, “Just making sure Tony doesn't eavesdrop.
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 139 18
Avengers X Child?Reader Chapter Four
Avengers X Child? Reader Chapter 4: The Trip of Shopping
Bruce’s POV:
Her past was similar to mine own. She makes me feel less isolated, like I’m not alone in my pain. As she told us her story she grew again. By the time she finished talking, she looked as if she was now an adolescent female; maybe 16 or17. Now I want to know, more than anything, what is happening in her body? She explained what she knew about her past, but what is going on, that even I, cannot explain.
Your POV:
When I finished telling them about my past it was awkwardly silent. I let go of a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding. I guess it feels good to tell someone about it, but how will they react when they find out what I turn into?....
My thoughts were interrupted by a cough. I looked up to see everyone looking at me, some with pity, others amazed, and one pair of eyes showed that he understood.
Tony interjected my thoughts again by saying, “Well now that you’re done explaining
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 161 27
Creeper Luca by zhalia103 Creeper Luca :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 9 0
Avengers X Child!Reader Chapter Three: The Truth
Avengers X Child!Reader Chapter 3: The Truth
A/N: This chapter has a trigger warning; do not read if you are triggered by abuse.
“Well, it all started when dad came home from work one night, you see he was a scientist for the company U.N.I.T. and my mom was away at her weekly book club. Usually once we were done with dinner he would go downstairs and remind me that it was off limits. This particular night however, he invited me to come downstairs with him. And I agreed.”
You walked down the hard basement steps and when you neared the bottom, he motioned toward a smaller room to the right. You walked through the medium entryway but then turned around when you heard a click behind you. Your dad was still on the opposite side of the door. You were about to question him when you noticed that the room was filling up with smoke. ‘What’s going on?’ You tried screaming at your father to help you but he didn’t move a muscle. The n
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 213 22
Avengers X Child!Reader Chapter Two
Avengers X Child!Reader Chapter 2: The Dream Master
Your POV
When you heard Tony shout your name right as you entered the elevator you turned around as the shimmering doors slammed shut. “Wait! Please!” And as if the elevator could here your pleas it stopped, went back up, and opened its doors to reveal Tony and everyone else standing there. Natasha scooped you up in her arms right away and stated, “_____, never do that again, do you understand?”
“But I didn’t want to be a nuisance.” You replied.
“Oh honey, you’ll never be a nuisance.”
Tony piped in, “In fact you’re so awesome and NOT annoying that we want you to stay with us”
You were in complete shock, ‘someone actually wanted you to be around?’
“Are you sure?” You questioned, not believing that this miracle could be happening.
“Yep! So let me show you to your new r
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 243 41
Avengers X Child!Reader Chapter One
Avengers X Child!Reader Chapter One: The Fateful Meeting
A/N: This was inspired by munch1111’s Oneshot: Shelter
Your POV~
It was a dreary September evening and as the rain pummeled down on your soaking cardboard box you watched as people rushed past you and your alley, eager to get home and out of the most recent downpour. As you curled into yourself like a cat, you noticed that one of the men walking by had dropped a rectangular object. Scurrying off to fetch it, you then trailed behind the man. After a few moments he reached into his pocket, not finding what he was looking for he franticly searched all his other pockets and the ground around him. Yow walked up to him, tugging on his sleeve a little. When he turned around and noticed you he crouched to your height. He took in your appearance, your tattered clothes, disheveled (h/c) hair, and your drenched figure. You held out the plastic object to him and whispered, “You dropped this.” You were about to turn away whe
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 412 27
Intelligence in Ouran by zhalia103 Intelligence in Ouran :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 7 10 America and Black Butler by zhalia103 America and Black Butler :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 8 1 Some Things That Anime Taught Me by zhalia103 Some Things That Anime Taught Me :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 8 2
They tell You To Be Yourself...
They tell you 'Just be yourself'
But... What if I don't Know who I am?
What if I've been spending so much time pretending,
That I have no idea about my true nature?
What if I'm scared to try to start all over again?
What if I Can't be myself... without second guessing my own decisions?
What if...?
What if, what if, what if!
Why can't we just go out there and do what we want WITHOUT questioning our choices?
How about we burst through those doors of our daily life and say what we truly feel
Without trying to cover it up or back track our mistakes.
After all,
Life is just a pencil
Without an eraser...
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 12 4
Avengers' Beliefs by zhalia103 Avengers' Beliefs :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 53 3 Bruce Banner GiF by zhalia103 Bruce Banner GiF :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 9 0 Science Bros by zhalia103 Science Bros :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 36 5 Loki Just got Loki'd by zhalia103 Loki Just got Loki'd :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 7 5

Random Favourites

Kyoya X Reader Part 2
    Once everything had settled down and Honey had changed into a clean uniform, you learned that your older brother was part of an after school host club. It shocked you slightly, but after Kyoya explained it to you, you understood and accepted it. You stayed around Honey and Mori for the day. Their clients found your family connection with Honey adorable, and you ended up raising their percent of clients by two percent without even knowing. Kyoya approached you after all of the guests left. It took everything in you to stop the blood from rushing to your face as he approached you.
    "Miss (f/n), may I speak with you?" His gentle, calm voice washed over you smoothly as he walked you over to a table away from the other hosts. As the two of you sat down, Haruhi brought you some tea. The two of you thanked her, and she nodded happily before walking away. You took a sip of the warm drink before setting the Ginori cup down. You couldn't help but admire the way the sof
:iconartwolf711:artwolf711 60 17
Wolverine X Reader: Admit Your Feelings
Wolverine X Reader:
       Being the beloved sister of the god of Thunder and the god of Mischief was not easy. Not only were they extremely protective over there 'little' sister (reminding them that you are over a millennium old does not help in the slightest) but they believed that they knew what was best for you and nothing you could say would convince them otherwise. And though you loved them both dearly, sometimes you wished you were worthy enough to lift Mjolnir so that you could retaliate against their everlasting need to protect you.
Not long had passed since you have been staying in Midgard and unlike your brother Loki, who had gained infamy throughout the mortal population, you were quiet popular.
"It is because of your beauty and caring nature, dear sister. You are something that they could never posses in their pathetic short mortal lives. A conquest is what you are to them. A trophy to exhibit. But fear not, gentle (Name), no mortal shall ever capt
:iconfollowingthecreed:FollowingTheCreed 336 33
Twelfth Doctor x Teen!Reader - Slow Down
"Mind if I join you?" The Doctor asked, walking up to the doorframe of the TARDIS.
(Name) smiled up at the Time Lord from where she sat on the floor. 
"Not at all. Be my guest," the teen said - then turned back to the view. 
It was breathtaking, really. 
    The Andromeda Galaxy, in all its glory. Swirling clusters of color drifted by - their light illuminating the inky darkness of space. Stars shone left and right - each another galaxy waiting to be explored. She observed it all with a smile on her face - eyes shining with a type of wonder only a child could possess.
Lost in her thoughts, she didn't notice the Doctor sit down next to her.
"Beautiful, isn't it?" he asked, snapping her back to reality. 
"Beautiful? It's absolutely fantastic!"
The older man chuckled a bit at the statement - reminded of a long-unused catchphrase.
"What are you doing out here?" he asked. "It's quite late where you're from."
:iconrandmwriter:RandmWriter 217 86
[The Doctor/Reader] Constellations Come To Life
She was wandering the roads when he first met her.
They locked eyes for only a second, yet so many words were revealed.
He followed her into the small bookshop, and he watched as she sat down and took out a book, getting lost in the words immediately.
"Hello," his soft voice interrupted her.
She glanced up at him.
He looked around, unsure of what to say without scaring her off. She pushed a loose strand of her hair out of her face and continued to read.
"How's the book?"
She stopped and slowly looked up.
"Pretty good so far. It probably gets better later," she responded. He nodded, picking up on her implication to leave her alone. Without interrupting her, he sat down across from her.
He was preoccupied, taking in his surroundings, and as such didn't notice when she peered at him from over the top of her novel.
He turned his head towards her once more and caught her staring.
He smiled, and she gave a weak smile in return, though it was blocked by her paperback.
She cleared h
:iconthea115:TheA115 50 6
Game of Life English Lyrics (JubyPhonic P)
My first life was so boring, just forget I mentioned it
And my second seemed to let me do all of the things my first life didn't
Third life was a hateful man all poison to the bone
In my fourth, I played piano but just didn't have the eyes to read the notes
In my fifth life, I supported girls- of course, that wasn't all
My sixth life was corrupted though I guess it was a little fun
Seventh life I cried so much and all I did was mourn
In my eigth life, was so rich I could've bought the world and everything
In this life is a game played by a flaky God
He gambles every life
Try to escape
but you know the path you're on is game and set
See how the game of life is playing all of us for fools
Dancing a string around us, making all these silly rules
See how he looks down on us like we're acting out a show
Throw the dice and let's see which head will roll...
By nine, I drew some manga but the deadlines left me dead
My tenth life was a teacher, as a pedo*****;I worked part time
Next life, what,
:iconicoele:icoele 279 54
Talk Dirty / Nerdy to me (Science Bros) by yaoifan18 Talk Dirty / Nerdy to me (Science Bros) :iconyaoifan18:yaoifan18 170 88 Italy....*sigh* by Francypervertpants Italy....*sigh* :iconfrancypervertpants:Francypervertpants 88 30
-sexuals don't-
Heterosexuals don't blink.
(Because they want to see the world,
But they are blind by their own
Blinding light and it doesn't
Homosexuals don't swear.
(Because, as said by others, their God
Refused them and abused them,
So who can they swear to
Bisexuals don't dance.
(Because no matter what song plays,
They can't hear it as they have
Already filled their ears with
Polysexuals don't feel.
(Because what is there to feel
When every single emotion
Is against you in every
Pansexuals don't breathe.
(Because the air is thick with smoke
From fires of oppression and of
Depression and so they
Demisexuals don't pray.
(Because why pray to someone who
Has ignored you countless times
When you wish these people
Asexuals don't smile.
(Because what is there to smile
About when the whole world is
Ready to throw you to the
:iconmiistical:Miistical 129 125
Friendship is Formed on Food (Loki X Reader)
Nobody had gotten a good night sleep last night, this had been mainly due to the delivery of Loki Laufeyson to Stark Towers. He’d arrived late last night and everyone in the tower had to take a turn guarding him. Steve’s turn had started at midnight, Tony had taken over at two, then Nat at four and now it was six o’clock and it was your turn.
You crawled out of your bed, wrapped your duvet around your shoulders and climbed up the stairs to the room where Loki was being held.
Nat was sitting outside the door polishing her gun when you arrived,
“Good luck,” She hissed getting up and walking off, “I’m going to bed.”
Your stomach rumbled as you watched Nat go so as soon as she was out of sight you opened the door to Loki’s room.
The god of mischief was curled up on a bed against the far wall,
“Ugmph,” He mumbled as the light from the open door hit him,
“Get up,” You said, causing him to turn his head and look at
:iconcookiemeg:CookieMeg 393 85
League of Legends - Sorceress Lux splash art by Indiron League of Legends - Sorceress Lux splash art :iconindiron:Indiron 3,829 251 Its time to Duel! by Indiron Its time to Duel! :iconindiron:Indiron 3,516 316
Loki x Assassin! Reader chapter 1
Hammer hit the iron and the smith pushed it to water, causing sizzling sound and smoke.
The smith has been working near the market square long, he was third in line to own the shop which had a window open for people to come and see. Usually curiousity led to good bargain since the smith was the finest smith that was found in the great city of Florence, ruled, blessed and guarded by Medici family.
The smith has seen many things but it was not his place to ask about his potential customers. Any rude comments and he might be in streets stealing money for living and losing fingers for being too slow and clumsy. No, he was not made for that kind of life.
However when he saw a glimpse of new kind of armor a passer buy wore, he had stopped his working for awhile and openly stared at him when he walked pass the shop.
For being professional in forging armors and battle weapons, he had never seen the shape and beauty of an armor like that. Even when the pale stranger had walked
:iconcoldfordeath:ColdForDeath 49 9
The Utemian Beast Avengers/Reader P1
Tony's smile couldn't be any bigger, his cheeks rosy and hair perfectly straightened, just the way you liked it.
Earlier, he dropped you off, saying he had a surprise for you.
The Lamborghini whizzed and park outside of your apartment.
The wind heavied and the sky was dull and gray, rain spattered and soaked the deep green grass.
"This is perfect, I just need to lock up."He hummed to himself, completely oblivious.
Your apartment was a tan house, with a grey door, copies of the ones above.
His hands wrapped at your door,pleading for permission to enter.
"___?"He asked, he noticed holes and scratches along the door, and shattered glass on the pavement.
He nudged the door, and it swung open, causing the billionaire to be more puzzled.
"_-___?"He repeated, walking through your front room, everything was smashed.
A blood trail led up the creaky staircase, it felt like he was in a somewhat horror movie.
He gently opened your bedroom door, to be absolutely stunned.
There you were, limbs chain
:iconminxif:Minxif 10 1
Recruitment (Avengers X Reader) Chapter 1
The air shifted around you, the thorns approaching your body at an alarming speed.
Some years ago that same situation would have you shaking on your knees, now you barely blinked. You had many scars spread on your body proving they weren't kidding, but this time you were prepared. You manipulated the wooden pieces and they fell to the floor like if it was nothing.
"Again." The voice you most hated in the World yelled. You groaned, annoyed and glared towards the window from where they watched.
They shoot again. You weren't ready. Instead of using your usual method, you tried to dodge the thorns. It worked fine in the beggining, but as more and more of those stakes reached you, it became hard. You felt a sharp pain on your side. One of the thick wooden thorns scratched your skin through the fabric of your training suit. But that didn't stop them. No. "Again!" They yelled.
Your eyes widened in realization. You should have known. They usually stopped when you were injured, but it worked di
:iconmrivso:Mrivso 287 61
Bruce x Reader
Author's notes:
Hey guys! This is my first attempt at a Reader insert so I'd love to hear what you think of it as it goes along. If you have black hair then just ignore the (H/C) part(s) as you, the reader, has another form in this piece that has black hair. I hope you all enjoy it and please let me know what you think. Thank you!

Bruce x Reader Chapter 1
Scotland, 1700s,
In a courtyard of a large beautiful castle stood a not so beautiful black wooden cross on a light wooden platform. People gathered around and were being kept in line by guards as the darkened sky grew bright with the light of dawn. They started to shout and cheer and merchants sold their goods -mainly food and drink- to the excited crowd. Standing at the front of the growing crowd was a solemn priest holding a small black Bible in his neatly crossed hands.
Inside of the castle, down in the dank and dingy dungeons, knelt a thin figure with long dirty hair over their face dressed in filthy rags
:iconangel-heart279:Angel-Heart279 50 21
TheThe crossdresser (Natsu x Reader x Gray Chap. 4
 "What's your name, young man?"
"Damion. "You answered, pulling your sleeve back down.
"Well, Damion. I hope you enjoy being at Fairy Tail."he said, giving you his wrinkly smile.
You nodded, putting your hands in your jacket pockets. "Right. I hope so, too."
You turned about to walk to a table, but was stopped by a few men.You noticed that it was Wendy and the two idiots who hit you with a table.
But, there was another person with them.He had black spikey hair that was slicked back to show his forehead, and had studs covering most of his body. He wore a black, sleevless tunic, loose beige pants and black boots. His arms were crossed, looking down on you."So, you're a dragon slayer, huh?"he asked frowning.
"Mhmm."you simply said, looking at the three."Who are you all?"
Wendy was gonna answer your question, until the pink haired man pointed at you, an angry look on his face. "I got a bone to pick with you!!"he yelled in your face, his eye twitching. "I want pay back for what you did
:iconblackstar200:blackstar200 60 21


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