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Avengers x Reader Chapter Seven: The New Fireball
The Avengers were starting to question if this was the right place or not. However, their theories were soon objected when they saw a blue light coming from around the corner. They silently gestured to each other, double-checking that everyone was seeing this and got into a fighting stance.
When they snuck around the corner a blue firewall awaited them. They at first were unsure of how to proceed. That is until a woman also made of blue flame parted the wall and greeted the heroes by chucking a large ball of fire at them. The team dodged it by dashing back around the corner. Steve said that they needed a plan of attack and as usual Tony had a plan... Attack.
He sprinted once more towards the unknown creature, lasers aimed at where the heart should be. However, the rays appeared to have no affect at all. When Tony stopped his barrage of blasts to give his suit time to recharge he was thrown back into Steve by a fire cannon that was melting his chest plate. He put the fire out before it
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 132 38
Avengers X Reader Chapter Six: The New Knowledge
You wake up to a blinding light. Blinking a few times, you manage to adjust your eyes to the brightness, taking in your non-existent surroundings.
All around you... White.
There doesn't even seem to be an end, no walls, no door... no ceiling. Just you and a cotton blanket... which also happens to be white.
You try to remember what happened before you blacked out but only managed to think up a huge headache. What happened? Where am I? What is this place? These and other stereotypical questions bombarded your thoughts as you tried to stay calm and think of at least one solution.
When no answers came to you, you sat back down and decided to wait and see what would happen next. Apparently, you didn't have to very long to wait. Almost as soon as you sat down, you heard a loud thump from your left. A person in all black started to walk towards you with a rather large gun in their hands. Images of shattered glass and people fighting filled your mind as the person continued to ap
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 115 12
Avengers X Reader Chapter Five: The Scientist
Avengers X Reader Chapter Five: The Scientist
After following the detailed instructions of JARVIS with only two wrong turns, you found yourself in front of a set of clear glass doors. Peeking through the doors it seemed that all of the walls were made completely out of glass but there were drawable shades in case the people working inside wanted some privacy.
Dr. Banner currently had his back to the door. You decided that you should just get it over with and knocked. At the sound, he turned around noticing you and greeted you with a small smile. “Hello ________.”
“Hello Dr. Banner.”
“Please, just call me Bruce.”
“Alright... Bruce”
As he was greeting you he climbed up on to one of the more empty lab tables and removed one of the metal tiles that made up the ceiling. “Umm, Bruce... What are you doing?”
He was fidgeting around with some multi-colored wires when he answered you, “Just making sure Tony doesn't eavesdrop.
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Avengers X Child?Reader Chapter Four
Avengers X Child? Reader Chapter 4: The Trip of Shopping
Bruce’s POV:
Her past was similar to mine own. She makes me feel less isolated, like I’m not alone in my pain. As she told us her story she grew again. By the time she finished talking, she looked as if she was now an adolescent female; maybe 16 or17. Now I want to know, more than anything, what is happening in her body? She explained what she knew about her past, but what is going on, that even I, cannot explain.
Your POV:
When I finished telling them about my past it was awkwardly silent. I let go of a breath I didn’t realize I had been holding. I guess it feels good to tell someone about it, but how will they react when they find out what I turn into?....
My thoughts were interrupted by a cough. I looked up to see everyone looking at me, some with pity, others amazed, and one pair of eyes showed that he understood.
Tony interjected my thoughts again by saying, “Well now that you’re done explaining
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 158 25
Creeper Luca by zhalia103 Creeper Luca :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 9 0
Avengers X Child!Reader Chapter Three: The Truth
Avengers X Child!Reader Chapter 3: The Truth
A/N: This chapter has a trigger warning; do not read if you are triggered by abuse.
“Well, it all started when dad came home from work one night, you see he was a scientist for the company U.N.I.T. and my mom was away at her weekly book club. Usually once we were done with dinner he would go downstairs and remind me that it was off limits. This particular night however, he invited me to come downstairs with him. And I agreed.”
You walked down the hard basement steps and when you neared the bottom, he motioned toward a smaller room to the right. You walked through the medium entryway but then turned around when you heard a click behind you. Your dad was still on the opposite side of the door. You were about to question him when you noticed that the room was filling up with smoke. ‘What’s going on?’ You tried screaming at your father to help you but he didn’t move a muscle. The n
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 210 21
Avengers X Child!Reader Chapter Two
Avengers X Child!Reader Chapter 2: The Dream Master
Your POV
When you heard Tony shout your name right as you entered the elevator you turned around as the shimmering doors slammed shut. “Wait! Please!” And as if the elevator could here your pleas it stopped, went back up, and opened its doors to reveal Tony and everyone else standing there. Natasha scooped you up in her arms right away and stated, “_____, never do that again, do you understand?”
“But I didn’t want to be a nuisance.” You replied.
“Oh honey, you’ll never be a nuisance.”
Tony piped in, “In fact you’re so awesome and NOT annoying that we want you to stay with us”
You were in complete shock, ‘someone actually wanted you to be around?’
“Are you sure?” You questioned, not believing that this miracle could be happening.
“Yep! So let me show you to your new r
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 240 41
Avengers X Child!Reader Chapter One
Avengers X Child!Reader Chapter One: The Fateful Meeting
A/N: This was inspired by munch1111’s Oneshot: Shelter
Your POV~
It was a dreary September evening and as the rain pummeled down on your soaking cardboard box you watched as people rushed past you and your alley, eager to get home and out of the most recent downpour. As you curled into yourself like a cat, you noticed that one of the men walking by had dropped a rectangular object. Scurrying off to fetch it, you then trailed behind the man. After a few moments he reached into his pocket, not finding what he was looking for he franticly searched all his other pockets and the ground around him. Yow walked up to him, tugging on his sleeve a little. When he turned around and noticed you he crouched to your height. He took in your appearance, your tattered clothes, disheveled (h/c) hair, and your drenched figure. You held out the plastic object to him and whispered, “You dropped this.” You were about to turn away whe
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 407 27
Intelligence in Ouran by zhalia103 Intelligence in Ouran :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 7 10 America and Black Butler by zhalia103 America and Black Butler :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 8 1 Some Things That Anime Taught Me by zhalia103 Some Things That Anime Taught Me :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 8 2
They tell You To Be Yourself...
They tell you 'Just be yourself'
But... What if I don't Know who I am?
What if I've been spending so much time pretending,
That I have no idea about my true nature?
What if I'm scared to try to start all over again?
What if I Can't be myself... without second guessing my own decisions?
What if...?
What if, what if, what if!
Why can't we just go out there and do what we want WITHOUT questioning our choices?
How about we burst through those doors of our daily life and say what we truly feel
Without trying to cover it up or back track our mistakes.
After all,
Life is just a pencil
Without an eraser...
:iconzhalia103:zhalia103 12 4
Avengers' Beliefs by zhalia103 Avengers' Beliefs :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 52 3 Bruce Banner GiF by zhalia103 Bruce Banner GiF :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 9 0 Science Bros by zhalia103 Science Bros :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 35 5 Loki Just got Loki'd by zhalia103 Loki Just got Loki'd :iconzhalia103:zhalia103 6 5

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France x Reader: Beautiful Fairytale
All accents are implied.
Hold on to your hats, folks. XD

You were England's secretary, and, if there was one person who hated France more than England did, it was you. England and France had centuries of shared history in common (albeit they had spent most of that squabbling, if not full-out wars), whereas you, a young human girl, only knew the constant flirts, poorly-veiled hints, and roses pulled out of God-knows-where.
Although, recently, you hadn't noticed him doing it very much to the other girls around you, or even the female countries. It was as though he had deliberately singled you out for humiliation. And, regardless of the number of times you sent him away, he kept coming back. With presents. Expensive ones, too -- not just the roses. To date, you'd seen two diamond necklaces, a charm bracelet, several bouquets, a ruby broach, an emerald frog figurine, a jade elephant, a cashmere scarf, and a box of chocolates. All of them went out the back door except for the
:iconwingedsupernova:wingedsupernova 28 8
New Year's Kiss (Hikaru x Reader X Kaoru)
What the hell am I doing? You ask yourself as you stand waiting in the long line of girls outside of the Ouran Academy ballroom. It’s New Year’s Eve and instead of hanging on your couch you’re here, surrounded by tons of frantic girls. A couple of your friends had dragged you along to this thing, and though you’d rather be at home you did kind of enjoy the excitement. And your stomach fluttered the tiniest bit when you thought about the possibility of seeing the red haired twins you’d been thinking about lately.
You looked at the time, 7:55. Only five minutes until they let everyone in. You tug on the silky blue fabric of your dress. It was stunning you had to admit, accentuating your body shape nicely, but you’d borrowed if from a friend and it was a tad bit snug in places you didn’t enjoy. You used your phone as a mirror to check your makeup quickly. You normally didn’t wear a lot, if any, so to feel the mountain of powders and g
:iconkidspistol:Kidspistol 110 12
Let's Play A Game|KaoruxReaderxHikaru
Let's Play A Game
Request for MyThousandWords

"Everyone, we have a new student today."
All eyes were glued on you, and you blushed from all the attention. You weren't exactly a girl who loved the spotlight and attention. The teacher set her hands on your shoulders and beamed.
"Her name is (y/n) Haninozuka, and I'd like you to be extra sweet to her."
You heard a few small gasps arise from the students. A murmur of chatter overtook the classroom as the majority of girls pondered.
"Haninozuka? Like, as in 'Honey' from the Host Club?"
"No way..."
"She has the blonde hair."
"Does that also mean she's related to Mori?"
Rolling your eyes, you weren't sure why all the buzz about your cousins slithered into the topic. Yes, both of the host club members were your cousins.
"Is she Honey's sister?!"
Your eyes widened. They actually thought you were Honey's sister? You almost wanted to laugh out loud. "Settle down, settle down." the teacher said with a small
:iconcoldvixen:ColdVixen 421 60
2P!JapanxReader: Pick-up Lines [Drabble]
((Has a couple dirty pick-up lines, but that's about it-))
  Allen handed you a note card after you told him about your problems. Your issues are with confessing to your crush, Kuro Honda. He was a short japanese man with black hair and piercing red eyes that drew you in since the day you first met him. You'd met at the office where you worked and you ran into him, dropping the papers you were carrying. Since that day, you started developing a crush on he man.
  You and Allen have been friends since high school, and he was one of the most flirtatious people you have ever met.
  "Doll," he said when you confronted him. "You have to flirt with him more... Say sexy things-"
  You cut him off with a wave of your hand, "No, no. I'm not doing that."
  Allen clicked his tongue, "Well you need to try something. Here, I might have a notecard-" he stood up and opened a drawer in his kitchen, digging through them and pulling out a notecard. He
:iconflameriveralchemist:FlameRiverAlchemist 308 257
Here With Me (TonyxReader)
You walked through the Stark Industries building, looking for Tony everywhere. He promised you he'd come in today for a very important meeting, but so far he hadn't made his presence known. You sighed and went to your own office, setting your paperwork on your desk and turning around, screaming in surprise.
"Mr. Stark! What the hell are you-?!"
"Shh..." He whispered, nursing his aching head on your couch. "Sick."
You sighed, "Sick or hungover?"
"Then why are you here? In my office? All you had to do was call me and I'd have been okay with that." You scolded.
"You wouldn't believe me."
You sucked on your teeth, "You know me too well. Let me take you home, you can't stay here."
Tony whined and you helped him up. You felt the need to blush almost, being in this close proximity with your boss. You'd worked for Tony longer than Pepper had before she quit, and you'd gotten to know him much better than she did. Though for some reason Tony had not promoted you to CEO like he did Pepper
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 342 40
Phone (AvengersXReader)
You sat in your apartment board after finishing up your paper work for Fury for the day. Glancing at the couch opposite you, you shrugged before moving over to it and sitting next to the passed out figures. Picking up your phone you dialed a group call and put the phone on speaker while turning slightly to get access to the man to your left.
"Hey (Y/n)" Nat answered first.
"Hey Nat" You greeted.
"Hellooooo ladies" Tony purred from behind his bar.
"Hey Ironass" You replied.
"Meanie" Tony pouted.
"HELLO SISTER WIDOW, SISTER (Y/N) AND BROTHER IRONASS!" Thor boomed answering his call.
"Indoor voices Thor" You replied.
"Apologies" Thor said quieter.
"I prefer brother Anthony" Tony chipped in.
"Lady (Y/n) said to call you Brother Ironass" Thor replied.
"And by said I paid him with poptarts" You added.
"Nice" Nat sniggered.
"Your all mean" Tony scowled.
"Hey guys" Steve chirped joining in.
"Hey cap" You replied keeping your focus on your target.
"Hi" Bruce spoke up.
"Hey science bro" Tony gri
:icondixonvixon:DixonVixon 781 122
The Pain Of Teamwork (BrucexReader)
You groaned, "I'm gonna kill you."
"I think the Other Guy will beg to differ."  Bruce responded.
"Yeah? Well fuck the Other Guy."
Bruce just chuckled at how cute you were being. You were both playing Super Mario 3D World and Bruce was currently winning the level.
"God dammit you green star stealer!"
Normally Bruce would be worried if he played, your yelling could cause him to Hulk out, but this time he was anything but tense. He was actually relaxing, your anger causing him to laugh quite a bit.
"You could have gotten it!"
"But YOU did!" You yelled.
Bruce just continued to laugh, "I never thought Mario was competition until I started playing with you."
"Well you're obviously not a team player so it's a competition!"
Bruce set down the Wii U gamepad, clutching his sides. You took the opportunity to pick up Luigi and threw him off the stage, "How do ya like that, bitch?"
"Oh, you're on now." Bruce said with a hint of a smile.
Bruce proceeded to get out of his bubble and pick you up,
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 91 6
Guardian Angel(Demon!2p!Japan x Reader): Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Bonds
((A/N: Hiya guys! I'm so sorry it took me so long to update this story! I really got side-tracked by all of the College work I had to do and for a long time I also felt really uninspired to write. To be quite honest, I forgot much that went on in the last chapter (save for the important points) and had to go refresh my memory before actually writing this chapter. Since it's been so long, My writing style might seem a tad different, but I'll try to keep it mostly the same :) ))
((Matthew's POV))
        Matthew hummed quietly to himself as he measured out set amounts of coco powder into three large mugs. Behind him came the some-what muffled voice of Kuro, who was doing his best to explain things to the human girl he had brought with him. After recovering from her near panic attack, (Name) had quickly adjusted and had certainly taken the word's "I'll explain everything" to heart, taking the opportunity to ask the black demon abou
:iconkatiefrog217:Katiefrog217 90 57


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